About Kemic Water Technology

Kemic Water Technology is a market-leader specialising in water purification. Kemic Water Technology is an order-producing company, offering renovation of waterworks, construction of new waterworks, special projects, purification of contaminated water and service agreements. 

Many years of experience

Kemic Water Technology has been supplying water treatment solutions since 1958. Due to many years of experience, we have the expertise and skills to offer high-quality products and service as well as a high degree of flexibility to provide custom-designed solutions.

Our clients’ needs are our top priority

At Kemic Water Technology we base our work on our clients’ preferences and needs, and we work together with our clients to meet these needs. Kemic Water Technology takes the time to meet with clients and share our knowledge – the more knowledge we share, the better our clients are prepared to take decisions. Click here for further details about Kemic Water Technology’s values.

Inventive and innovative

Kemic Water Technology is an innovative company and our aim is to contribute to new initiatives in the field of water treatment. For this reason, R&D is a major aspect of our work. Read more about our innovation culture here.

We have been awarded the danish Gazelle Prize for growing businesses for two years running and have been nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year three years in a row.

Close collaboration with suppliers

Kemic Water Technology has its own service and installation engineers. In addition, we work closely with our suppliers, all of whom are carefully selected, to ensure that quality, design and functionality meet our requirements.