Open filtration plants

Kemic Water Technology has extensive experience in construction and renovation of open filtration plants. Together with our clients, we identify the best solution for the specific waterworks, because individual requirements determine the structure of the filtration plant. 

In open filtration plants, the water is aerated by passing through a cascade aerator. The water runs through large reservoirs which have a thick layer of a variety of types of filtering medium. The dimensions of the many laters of filtering material depend on the quality of the raw water at the specific waterworks. The service life of the open filtration plant can be extended by giving it a new base, using either concrete beams or acid-resistant steel, or by manufacturing an replacing the system’s backwash air systems.

Individual requirements

The initiatives we choose are always determined by the requirements for quality, capacity and level of daily operations.
Open filtration plants make it easy to treat large volumes of water and if the right measures are taken, an open filtration plant does not cause risks to hygiene or water quality. Kemic Water Technology is highly experienced in implementing hygiene zones at several levels, which helps ensure a high degree of safety for consumers and gears the plant for the future.  Our skilled employees provide advice on options and alternatives with regard to open filters. We have extensive experience of renovating outdated systems and replacing backwash air systems and filtering material.