Pressure vessels

Kemic Water Technology has extensive experience in construction and renovation of pressure vessels. In many cases, a pressure vessel is an excellent and safe solution. Together with our clients, we find the right solution for the specific waterworks.

The Kemic Water Technology pressure vessel provides unique potential for inspecting and controlling the entire filtering process, making daily operations simple and safe.

Content of the pressure vessel

In the pressure vessel, the water is forced through large, closed reservoirs in which there are various types of filtering medium and a nozzle system built into the base. Together with the pyrite ore of the base course, provides constant, ideal circulation, which ensures optimal filtration of the raw water.

Controlled conditions

In Kemic Water Technology pressure vessels, the risk of contamination is kept to a minimum. The water is transported and treated under constantly controlled conditions, providing optimal conditions for the biological process and filtration. In the pressure vessel, the raw water is given the best possible conditions to become water of the highest quality.