Designing waterworks

Kemic Water Technology has many years’ experience of renovating and erecting new waterworks. At Kemic Water Technology, the client is always involved in all phases of the project – from concept to finished waterworks. Our designs are not based on standard solutions because the needs, preferences and starting points are different for each and every client.

Technology, knowhow and experience

It does not make sense to provide standard solutions when requirements differ from waterworks to waterworks. For this reason, the design and analysis phase is of vital importance to the details of the finished result. The right solutions are based on the latest technology, knowhow and our many years’ experience in water treatment. Kemic Water Technology offers both renovation of existing waterworks and construction of new waterworks.

Design based on the client’s needs

A new water treatment plant is designed based on the client’s preferences and needs. Throughout the entire process, Kemic Water Technology will provide advice and guidance based on our expertise and experience in water treatment. The drawings will be prepared in collaboration with our skilled engineers and designers. Kemic Water Technology offers design of new waterworks, both with and without building elements. We are able to provide advice on administrative procedures with approval from authorities, or prepare them ourselves, because Kemic Water Technology maintains a close dialogue with both consulting engineers and contractors – from the design phase trough to the finished waterworks.

A supplier agreement based on close dialogue

It is very important to Kemic Water Technology that the client’s expectations for the project are coordinated in advance. Therefore, a supplier agreement with Kemic Water Technology is based on close dialogue to ensure that the specific preferences and requirements for the project are understood.

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