Contaminated water is an ever-increasing problem. Therefore, Kemic Water Technology spends considerable assistive technology and a lot of energy on research and developing new knowhow and technology to create novel methods to meet the increasing problems in the field of water treatment. 

Many landfill sites throughout the country have a problem with percolation of heavy metals and tributyltin (TBT). The same problem occurs in areas where there is impregnated wood. The tributyltin seeps into the groundwater and contaminates it.

Sustainable surplus material

Kemic Water Technology is collaborating with Danish Technological Institute and Central Denmark Region on a development project which uses a completely new and sustainable material to eliminate tributyltin and heavy metals from contaminated water. This sustainable material is surplus material which could result in great savings for the environment. If the trials are successful, we should be able to purify contaminated water far more cheaply and effectively in the future. The technology will also be able to be used elsewhere; for example, when filtering water contaminated with copper and nickel. And there will also be potential for cleaning harbour basins using the method.

Tests are currently being carried out on a highly contaminated site in the Danish city  Randers, which was used for impregnating wood for many years.

The rest will run up to 1 September 2019 and are funded by the Danish Eco-Innovation Programme.

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