Rental of mobile waterworks

In the event of a breakdown, conversion or contamination of the waterworks, Kemic Water Technology can supply a mobile water treatment plant to secure the water supply until the waterworks is again fully operational. 

Kemic Water Technology can supply a mobile water treatment plant as a temporary solution while the existing waterworks is being renovated and operations need to be stopped, or if the waterworks is unfortunate enough to become contaminated. The mobile water treatment plant provides the time needed to restore the water quality without having to stop the supply.

Complete waterworks

The Kemic Water Technology mobile water treatment plant is a complete waterworks, installed in a 20-foot container, ready for operation at the reservoir or at the client’s site. The filtration plant is constructed with pressure filters so that the filtration process can be run either once or twice. The system’s controls and potential for swift adjustment mean that the system is always ready for filtering.

Guaranteed water supply in the event of contamination with pesticides or solvents

The mobile water treatment plant has coated filter containers so that they can be used asa an activated carbon filter system in cases of acute contamination with pesticides or solvents. However, a permit will always be required before this can be put to use.

In addition to the mobile treatment plant, the system includes an eight-foot container in which the compressor and the computer-based control system are installed.

Mobile plant

In addition to the mobile water treatment plant, Kemic Water Technology also offers a mobile vacuum extraction system and a mobile UV disinfection system which can also be connected to the existing waterworks in the event of contamination. Click here for further details about the mobile UV disinfection system. 

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