Innovation and development

At Kemic Water Technology, we do not have a development department. That is because everyone at Kemic works with development, no matter which department they are part of. We believe that innovation and new solutions are created from the needs and opportunities of the real world. Wether it’s when planning new projects, solving a problem at an existing water treatment plant, in our work solving the water contamination issues of the future, or when an internal process can be optimised, we make room for development. 


“All ideas are welcome at Kemic. Everyone discusses openly and we are good at sharing our knowledge between coworkers. There’s always help when needed.”
– Simon, Service Technician – part of Kemic since 2019

“Everyone at Kemic thinks about innovation all the time. It’s not something we need to be asked, and there’s always someone who tinkers with something new”
Finn, Service Technician – part of Kemic since 1994


The strong bond between coworkers and the collective sense of responsibility makes it possible to always create new and better solutions. We are proud of our abilities, but also have great respect for each other’s competencies. Ideas flow freely between coworkers and departments, and because the tone is loose, everyone is comfortable asking questions or making new suggestions.


“Basically, we all really like each other. We are all determined to work well together, also tomorrow. Anyone may need help, and everyone knows that the better we are at helping each other, the easier and better everything gets.“
– Finn, Service Technician – part of Kemic since 1994


We are united by our shared goal of securing clean drinking water. We support each other, ensuring that we succeed together. And when we do make mistakes, that’s development too. Not only do we show responsibility and compassion for our society, but definitely also to each other and our shared place of work. 


“It makes me proud to work with making clean drinking water. There is a higher purpose with what we do, and we give something back to society. We contribute to handing over a world that’s a little bit greener to our kids, and that means something.”
– Jan, Project Manager and Construction Architect – part of Kemic since 2012


“I am proud of being part of Kemic. Especially when our technician come back happy after having solved something that might have been challenging, or when it wasn’t certain beforehand what was wrong. That makes me proud.”
Anja, Service Manager – part of Kemic since 2015

This description of the innovation culture in Kemic is the result of a number of interviews with representatively selected Kemic employees. The description is therefore based on the employees’ own experiences of working with innovation and product development on a daily basis, as well as the conditions, they feel are present and contribute to the innovation culture at the company.