PFAS and PFOS contamination has been localised many places throughout the world. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances – known as PFAS – are long lasting chemicals that have been proven harmful to humans and animals. 

What is PFAS?

PFAS is short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, and is a collective term for at large group of chemicals. There are several types, including PFOS, PFOSA, PFOA etcetera. The chemicals are industrially produced and are very persistent in the environment. Some of the chemicals are known to cause cancer, impact fertility, affect the immune system, or are endocrine disrupters.

Where is PFAS and PFOS found?

PFAS can be used for making products grease and water repellent. Therefore, the chemicals have been used in many different products such as carpets, pizza boxes, clothes, paint and many more.

PFAS, especially PFOS, has for many years been used in firefighting foam, and is therefore found in large concentrations around firefighters’ training grounds. Many years of using foam containing PFAS/PFOS now means that the ground water beneath such training grounds are now contaminated with PFAS.

CAN PFAS be removed? Kemic Water Technology solves the PFAS problem

At Kemic Water Technology, we have worked with removing PFAS from groundwater at Copenhagen Airport since 2016 with documented success. Our effective methods solve the problem and results in clean water.

The PFAS removal plant is adapted to the degree of contamination (PFAS and possible other contaminations) at the site. Our experience show that after the removal of PFAS, the water is clean enough to use for watering gravel roads, fighting fires (or training for it) or simply to be led out in nature without causing any harm.

Our plants are Best Available Technology (BAT), meaning that this method is to be used when dealing with PFAS contaminated water.

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