The Kemic Way

At Kemic Water Technology, know-how is our biggest strength. We do not only have a wide variety of technologies available for treating and cleaning water; we also have the knowledge, competencies and experience in using them in custom combinations. This means that we put together the most effective combination of technologies adapted to the water to be cleaned or processed. This is the case when building, expanding and renovating waterworks as well as when we build remediation plants. 

Purification technologies are the foundation

The technologies and materials for them are the foundation for cleaning and purifiying water with a long list of contaminations. Our purification technologies are, among others:

  • Active carbon filter
  • Airlift
  • Bio filter
  • Degassing
  • Ion exchange
  • Oxygenation
  • Sand filter
  • Special filter masses
  • UV treatment
  • Vacuum extraction


The order is crucial

In most cases, a series of water treatment technologies are necessary in order to achieve the desired water quality. One method is rarely enough. It requires comprehensive experience and specialist knowledge to configure the optimal series of water purification technologies.

Some contaminations are more efficiently removed before others, and some technologies work better in a specific order. Factors such as the optimal flow, oxygenation and backwash are also important for the efficiency and effect. At Kemic, we are specialists in providing the specific configuration needed, because of our many years of experience, our methods and our innovation culture.

Competent specialists – collective knowledge

The key to the knowledge which is crucial to the selection and combination of the best configuration of purification technologies is our employees. But not one specific employee. Everyone in the Kemic team are specialists, but knowledge is shared and common. The different specialist groups in the company each have a piece of the puzzle, which we put together in collaboration. Only when working together can we create the most optimal setup.

We always keep developing and innovating, both when we supply new plants and test more than most to secure the optimal setup, and when we experiment with new technologies at home in our workshop or with Danish Technological Institute and other scientists and collaboration partners.