Solution options

Kemic Water Technology bases solutions on the client’s preferences and needs – so, there’s not just one solution. No water treatment plants are identical. For this reason, Kemic Water Technology does not deliver standard solutions; we adapt them to individual needs. Kemic Water Technology supplies a wide range of solutions. If don’t already have the solution to your problem, we’ll find one. No problem is too difficult. You can see a selection of possible solutions below. 

Open filtration plants

In open filtration plants, the water is aerated by passing through a cascade aerator, releasing iron and manganese. Although an open filtration plant may not seem like the best solution, it may be the right solution. Click here for further details about open filtration plants.

Pressure vessels

In pressure vessels, the water is aerated in large closed tanks, to release iron and manganese. In many cases, pressure vessels are a good, safe solution and they are used in many locations. Click here for further details about pressure vessels.

UV disinfection system

A UV disinfection system is a high-tech system for purifying drinking water. It kills germs, bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms. The UV system is mounted on the discharge pipe of the water treatment plant. Click here for further details about UV system.

Clean water tanks 

All waterworks are different. There are therefore several options when it comes to clean water tanks; for example concrete, stainless steel and PE. Click here for further details about clean water tanks.

Alternative solutions 

It is important to Kemic Water Technology that our clients get what they want. Therefore, we always finds a solution to any problem that may arise. No problem is too difficult. Click here for further details about alternative solutions.

Control systems

There are numerous control solutions and control systems, which can be used to control, monitor and collect data from water treatment plant. Click here for further details about control systems.

Activated carbon filter systems

An activated carbon filter system is a specially manufactured system which eliminates pesticides from drinking water using active carbon. Each system is adjusted to the needs of the specific situation. Click here for further details. 

Service agreement

Reliability of supply and daily operations are the focal point when servicing waterworks. Kemic Water Technology performs both maintenance tasks and acute service. Click here for further details about service agreement with Kemic Water Technology. 

The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse is one of Kemic Water Technology’s research projects. It involves natural addition of bacteria to the sand filter to purify water contaminated with pesticides. Click here for further details about The Trojan Horse.