Activated carbon filter systems

Kemic Water Technology supplies activated carbon filter systems for eliminating pesticides from drinking water. Each system is specially manufactured for a specific water treatment plant.

Pesticides in drinking water are an ever-increasing problem, and every year several water treatment plants need to close down because the content of pesticides in the groundwater exceeds the treshold value. Pesticides is the common term for the pest control chemicals used for weed control in Denmark from the early 1960s to the mid 90s. In Denmark, the treshold value for desphenyl-chloridazon in drinking water is 0,1 micrograms per litre.

Active carbon filters

Kemic Water Technology is a supplier of activated carbon filter systems and has many years’ experience of eliminating pesticides from drinking water using an active carbon filter. The activated carbon filter system is a specially manufactured system, consisting of two pressure filters: one first stage filter and one second stage filter. The filters are active carbon filters whose sole task is to eliminate pesticides from the drinking water. The active carbon absorbs the pesticides. The second stage filter is a safety filter which ensures that the pesticide residue does not reach the consumer.

Lifetime of the carbon

The activated carbon filter system is constructed with gauge cocks which are used to analyse how much pesticide residue the carbon has absorbed and when the carbon is saturated and needs to be replaced. The lifetime of the carbon depends on the degree of contamination and, therefore, varies from location to location. Use of an activated carbon filter system may result in a high germ count. In such cases, drinking water must be subsequently treated with UV light. Click here for further details about UV disinfection systems. 

Pesticides in existing water treatment plants

If you already have an efficient water treatment plant but find pesticides in the drinking water, an activated carbon filter system can be used as a second stage filter on the existing plant. Please note, however, that you require a special permit from the authorities to set up an activated carbon filter system, and that there are stricter operational requirements. In Denmark, the general political stance is that water containing pesticides must not be purified and the a new borehole or another supply should be found for the contaminated area. However, many sites apply for permits to use boreholes even though pesticides have been found in the water. Click  here for further information about pesticides.

Many years’ experience

Kemic Water Technology has many years’ experience of treating pesticides in drinking water and continually endeavours to improve and develop solutions, since pesticides in drinking water are a problem we don’t want to see in the future. Kemic Water Technology is currently working on The Trojan Horse Project, which will eventually be able to replace the activated carbon filter system. Click here for further details about The Trojan Horse.