The right solution

Standard solutions do not make sense if you intend to renovate or build a new water treatment plant, because each waterworks is different. It is therefore very important to Kemic Water Technology to identify the perfect solution for the client. This is done in close collaboration so that the client ends up with the best solution for their specific waterworks.

The perfect solutions are based on experience, the latest technology and expertise. Kemic Water Technology has many years’ experience solving specific problems for waterworks.

Involvement from start to finish

In order to identify the right solution, Kemic Water Technology is involved from start to finish. In order to ensure the perfect solution, we always visit the site for the new building or the renovation. This allows us to identify the type of water treatment plant you need, together with you. In addition to the type of treatment plant, water quality is assessed to identify the optimal solution for the plant. Kemic Water Technology also always endeavours to find a way to optimise existing water treatment processes and associated systems.

Focus on the client’s preferences.

If the aim is to build new waterworks, our skilled architectural engineers are always available and will draw anything the client wishes, from barns to steel or brick buildings. If the client prefers an architecturally designed building, this is also an option. In such cases, we prepare the drawing to suit the client’s requirements. Kemic Water Technology maintains a close dialogue with consulting engineers, architects and contractors and is therefore able to ensure, in collaboration with the client, that the various building requirements are investigated and met. With all of this in mind, we find the perfect solution to meet our client’s needs and preferences.

No problem is too difficult, and if we do not already have a solution, we will find one. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details or for a non-binding quote.

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