Vacuum extraction system

Contaminated water is an ever-increasing problem. Therefore, Kemic Water Technology spends considerable resources and a lot of energy on research and developing new knowhow and technology to create novel methods to meet the increasing problems in the field of water treatment. 

Contamination with solvents and petrol and oil components is a growing problem for treatment of raw water, also known as percolate. Preventive measures are taken to avoid spread of the contamination. A vacuum extraction system can be used to treat the pumped up percolate before it is piped to the recipient.

Environmentally friendly method

Treatment of percolate using a vacuum extraction system is an environmentally friendly method consisting of a number of processes.
First, the water is passed through a vacuum-based filter. The contaminated particles are gasified and the resulting quality of the clean, treated water fully complies with all threshold values for treated water for discharge.
The contamination from the vacuum process is gasified and this air is then piped through a carbon filter, which cleans the air and discharges it from the plant.


Kemic Water Technology holds a patent for this vacuum extraction system and also supplies a mobile vacuum extraction system which has no significant construction costs and can be set up wherever there is a need for a remediation system.