Renovate or build from scratch

A waterworks is usually fully operational for 20 to 30 years if it is regularly maintained and optimised. It is then time to give a careful consideration to the options: to renovate or build a new treatment plant.

Is it time to start afresh and get rid of all of the problems once and for all? Or is it worth renovating the existing waterworks?

Kemic Water Technology has many years of experience of both solutions, and both are viable options – the investment merely requires some thought. We advise both large and small-scale waterworks daily about water quality, contamination and the options for restoring healthy and durable quality.

We have listed five good reasons fo renovating and for building new waterworks.

5 good reasons to renovate

There is plenty of potential for safeguarding against risk and gearing existing buildings for the future
Potential for renovating in stages
Acute need for renovation but insufficient funds for a new building
The building is functional but does not have sufficient space
Building conservation

5 good reasons to build new waterworks

The entire waterworks is run-down
A new building will be maintenance-free from many years to come
Optimal potential for meeting new demands, such as requirements for hygiene zones
Long-term economic profit
Potential for relocating waterworks
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