Commissioning waterworks

Kemic Water Technology has many years’ experience of renovating and erecting new waterworks. At Kemic Water Technology, the client is always involved in all phases of the project – from concept to finished waterworks. Our designs are not based on standard solutions because the needs, preferences and starting points are different for each and every client. 

Close collaboration is very important to Kemic Water Technology. Commissioning and starting up a waterworks is one of the more time-consuming processes because it is necessary to achieve the right water quality. Commissioning and start-up are performed in close collaboration between Kemic Water Technology and the waterworks. A supervisor is attached to the commissioning process. The supervisor can be on site during commissioning and then be available online where most of the problems can be resolved.

Starting up the treatment plant

To begin with, the plant is filled with heat-treated sand. The filters can then be cultivated with biologically active filtering material, if necessary. A recirculation facility is installed to speed up the process.

Water quality in the spotlight

Kemic Water Technology carefully monitors the water quality throughout the entire commissioning process, by taking samples of the water. The water samples are analysed in Kemic’s own laboratory. However, these samples are for in-house use only, since Kemic Water Technology is not a certified body. The water samples are used to check whether the biological processes have begun and when the right water quality has been achieved.

Extensive experience of commissioning

Kemic Water Technology has gained experience from many different projects involving commissioning and start-up of waterworks. We therefore take into account all conditions on site. We adapt the system and monitor the commissioning process.