Rental of UV disinfection systems

Kemic Water Technology offers UV disinfection systems for rental. UV disinfection systems removes bacteria from water treatment systems and increases the safety of drinking water when used cautiously. UV disinfection systems are simple and fast to implement in case of bacterial contamination.

Rental of UV disinfection systems for waterworks

In case of contamination or commissioning of new waterworks, Kemic Water Technology offers mobile UV disinfection systems for rental. When using a UV disinfection system, a special permit from the authorities are required in each case. At Kemic Water Technology, we have all the necessary European permits.

What is UV disinfection treatment?

UV disinfection of drinking water is an advanced method of water processing, which kills bacteria and germs. The method of ultraviolet irradiation of the water is a widely recognised disinfection method, and required by law in several countries. The water is led through the UV system which contains quartz tubes, where UV lamps irradiate the water with ultraviolet light. The irradiation with ultraviolet light creates a safety barrier, where harmful germs, bacteria and other microorganisms are eliminated.

Fully automatic UV systems

The UV disinfection systems supplied by Kemic Water Technology are fully automatic systems which can be connected to the SRO system of the waterworks. A UV system is dimensioned and configured for the capacity and the UV transmittance of the water, to ensure the necessary translucency effect. The ultraviolet light in the UV system eliminate bacteria in less than a second.

Read more about UV systems here.

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