Constructing and installing a water treatment plant

Kemic Water Technology has many years’ experience of renovating and erecting waterworks. At Kemic Water Technology, the client is always involved in all phases of the project – from concept to finished waterworks. Our designs are not based on standard solutions because the needs, preferences and starting points are different for each and every client. 

Kemic Water Technology can be involved throughout the process, including during construction and installation. If the waterworks is outside Denmark, Kemic Water Technology will provide drawings and indicate the location of installations and will be involved in starting up the plant. Waterworks are constructed or renovated locally by local workmen.

Own engineers

All of our skilled installation and service engineers have completed all of the legally required operational and hygiene courses. Kemic Water Technology waterworks are installed based on approved drawings and P&I diagrams. Prior to installation, the waterworks’ board of directors is welcome to review the new waterworks during quality control at Kemic’s production facilities.

Many waterworks choose to visit Kemic Water Technology when placing an order to see how we handle projects and production.